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Bus radio control room

Post by macca1024 »

Hi, does anyone know if there is a central radio dispatch control room for the Transperth busses or are they all spread out? The reason I ask is I've noticed a certain set of talkgroup ID's that drivers communicate with often, I've filled it details with what I've overheard.

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Con+,      1,         80011,      50,  Normal,     256,  2022/07/27 17:07,  "Rockingham Base"
Con+,      1,         80103,      50,  Normal,      41,  2022/07/26 18:17,  "Mechanics/CCR?"
Con+,      1,         80202,      50,  Normal,      88,  2022/07/26 18:26,  "Bus Workshop"
Con+,      1,         80204,      50,  Normal,     201,  2022/07/27 16:52,  "... Base?"
Con+,      1,         80205,      50,  Normal,     278,  2022/07/27 16:59,  "Karrinyup Base"
Con+,      1,         80206,      50,  Normal,     502,  2022/07/27 16:59,  "Success Base?"
Con+,      1,         80208,      50,  Normal,     371,  2022/07/27 16:55,  "... Base? (Joondalup)"
Con+,      1,         80303,      50,  Normal,     179,  2022/07/27 16:54,  "... Base?"
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Re: Bus radio control room

Post by 6stbase »

No, there is no central control room as Transperth is only the brand banner that the buses operate under...

From memory 801xx is PATH Transit
802xx is Swan Transit
800xx is Transdev. The last digit is what defines who's talkgroup it is (or what "Channel").

CCR is the callsign for the PATH Transit Control Room
6ST Base is the Callsign for any Swan Transit Base Radio
OCC or xxx Base is the callsign for the Transdev Base Radios.

Hope this helps.
6ST Base is clear, is there a mobile calling on this channel?
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Re: Bus radio control room

Post by FrannyStephLux »

That's interesting! It seems like the Transperth bus operations are quite decentralized. How does this setup affect the day-to-day coordination and communication between the different operators?
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Re: Bus radio control room

Post by TobyAdam »

Hi! Transperth buses are typically coordinated through a central radio dispatch control room to ensure efficient communication and management across the network. The talkgroup IDs you've noticed are likely part of this centralized system, allowing drivers to communicate directly with dispatch for updates, instructions, and assistance. If you have specific details or talkgroup IDs, sharing them could help provide more accurate information.
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