No you CANNOT pick up metro WAPOL transmissions in Perth!

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No you CANNOT pick up metro WAPOL transmissions in Perth!

Post by WPXZBP »

The channels in the metro area are now ENCRYPTED on a digital network.

Unless you have a current model police radio with the correct decryption keys you will NOT be able to receive them. Your old scanner and even the newer digital scanners WILL NOT be able to do it. Don't even think about trying - it's more trouble than it's worth!

Please refrain from writing posts complaining about not being able to hear WAPOL in the metro area or asking how to receive them. You CANNOT DO IT Try something else like FRS/BFS/SES/VFS/VMRS/public transport/Amateur/CB/Shortwave/Longwave/Medium wave/VLF etc.

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Re: No you CANNOT pick up metro WAPOL transmissions in Perth

Post by vk6hgr »

The WA Police are currently tendering on projects to bring the rest of WA technologically in line with the Perth metro radio system.

Unfortunately, this means that the 64 channel analogue system in country areas will also be moving to digital encryption in the not too distant future.
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