Half wave, full wave dipole for HF

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Half wave, full wave dipole for HF

Post by slipknot »

Hey everyone.

I'm getting back into the hobby again and needs some advice on antennas as they are my one weakness in terms of knowledge.

I've only really ever used a half wave Dipole, and only really ever been interested in the 20m band.

I'm trying to archive higher antenna gain, and thought maybe a full wave or quarter wave would increase it. But not sure if this is true, and if it is, weather quarter wave or full wave would gain more.

I'd love to afford and put up a tri band beam antenna but can't at the moment.

either that or I was thinking of making a coax folded half wave dipole antenna :

http://www.nsw.wicen.org.au/technical/p ... le-antenna

I've constructed these before for UHF bands, they work great, however, i'm not sure if this is efficient for HF frequencies.

Penny for your thoughts?
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