Petition to Uniden

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Petition to Uniden

Post by Zebedee » Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:04 pm

Good evening all,

WARSUG has been contacted by the owners and administrators of a like-minded site, with information about a petition to Uniden.

Adam from Scanning Tasmania (website here and forum site here) has organised a petition to Uniden USA, with the purpose of showing support for the company to bring out more scanners suitable for Australia.

In his email to WARSUG, Adam writes:
As you are probably aware Uniden America has been rather slack in offering Australian versions of their Scanning Equipment to us here in Australia & New Zealand, and what we do have is slowly getting outdated and superseded by newer models with new features and better options, one's which I know a lot of people would dearly love to be able to use, however because the US Trunking Scanners (and others) block the top 1MHz of our 800MHz Trunking band as well as other issues or problems that make them unsuitable for our market we feel it leaves a huge gap in what is available to us in this great hobby, plus there are other features we would love to see introduced in future models to suit our needs.

From what we have been able to find out Uniden America seem to think there is not much of a market here in Australia & New Zealand for their Scanners which is why they have not, and probably will not, release any further one's here, so what we have decide to do is to start an online petition to present to Uniden America to show just how much of a market they do have here and how much support and followers there are, we feel the more support we get for this cause the greater the chances are that Uniden may just see the sort of market they are missing out on, while we acknowledge it may not make any difference we feel we should at least give it a really good go.
If you would like to support Adam's petition to Uniden USA, to demonstrate that there is a market for new scanners in Australia, you can find it here.

WARSUG wishes Adam and Scanning Tasmania all the best with the petition and hopes that it brings something good to Aussie scanner enthusiasts.
Doug Bell (Zebedee) VK6DB
WARSUG Forum Administrator.

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Re: Petition to Uniden

Post by Infernal » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:44 pm

Interesting, but IMO with every one going digital and encrypted, wouldn't uniden be right in saying the market is shrinking here...

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