Looking for a scanner

General questions on scanning from 30 to 3000Mhz. Not sure what you can receive in your area? Here's the place to ask!

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Looking for a scanner

Post by dan » Wed Dec 19, 2007 10:51 am

Hey all,

Looking for a scanner... no real purpose.. Just wouldn't mind listening to various frequencies at big events and festivals etc.

Do most security companies have digital or encrypted ranges?

I am looking at either the UBC73XLT or UBC93XLT. The main difference seems to be the number of bands and channels available, as well as the latter model having the 806-956 Mhz range.

What would I typically find in the 806-956 Mhz range?

There isn't any real point to me wanting to get a scanner, other than being a little bit nosey! :) Advice/comments??

Also I have read on these forums that I need a new Antenna.. Would http://www.prestigecom.net.au/index.php ... cts_id=353 do the job??

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