Arrive Alive 2007

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Arrive Alive 2007

Post by Tyranus » Fri Dec 07, 2007 7:56 am

Arrive Alive 2007 will be on again this morning, I will not be in the motorcade, but basically it's driving along the freeway, then great eastern hwy with red and blues, then when it comes to shepparton road, as they turn onto I think it's canning hwy there, they wack on the sirens. May be some stuff worth listening to, I'm not sure, but worth some photo's!
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Post by westernwedgey » Fri Dec 07, 2007 10:05 pm

It would have been good if i had a camera with me as i drove past the convoy of vehicles at Belmont Park on Graham Farmer Freeway today...

All the differnet agencies vehicles with their lights activated, it looked awesome...

At first i thought there was a major incident somewhere :shock: :shock:

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