Coogee Chemicals (West)

General questions on scanning from 30 to 3000Mhz. Not sure what you can receive in your area? Here's the place to ask!

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Coogee Chemicals (West)

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General Information

Hands up if your a Shell petrol user, maybe you prefer BP. Maybe your an old MHDT fan and only use Mobil. Or you do all your shopping at Woolworths, so you only use Woolworths Caltex so you can save 4 cpl. Well guess what, all your petrol is the same, it all comes from the same tanks at Coogee Chemicals Kwinana. Ok enough of the history lesson, here are the frequencies that you are looking for if you want to listen to Coogee Chemicals West.

All Frequencies are FM, MHz Analog signals

CH1 480.350
CH2 480.0312
CH3 495.150
CH4 494.850
CH6 509.525
CH7 509.600
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