Northbridge Taxi rank ready for Christmas period

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Northbridge Taxi rank ready for Christmas period

Post by HL 101 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:09 am

•$2million secure taxi rank in Northbridge completed
•Improved lighting, CCTV, weather shelters, more space for queues and taxis, rank management officers
The $2million upgrade of the Milligan Street taxi rank in Northbridge has been completed, transforming it into a secure hub to benefit both city revellers and taxi drivers.

Transport Minister Troy Buswell said the project, jointly funded by the Department of Transport and the City of Perth, included lighting upgrades; the installation of more CCTV cameras and weather shelters; and widening of footpaths to increase space for queuing and taxi loading.

“The State Government recognises taxis as an important part of the public transport mix and this upgrade will allow Northbridge patrons to depart the area during peak periods in the safest and most timely manner,” Mr Buswell said.

“It will also give peace of mind to taxi drivers servicing the Northbridge precinct, as it will provide a well lit, organised and secure location to collect passengers.

“Rank management officers will maintain a strong presence at the taxi hub as their role has proven to be effective in reducing customer waiting times and curbing anti-social behaviour.”

The Minister said the new taxi hub was just one of several State Government initiatives under way to address the issues of availability, safety and standards in the taxi industry.

“We’ve been implementing the Taxi Action Plan since the start of 2011 - including the rolling out of the $7.74million program to install new cameras in all taxis, more compliance resources, the announcement of a demerit point system for drivers and the release of additional plates,” he said.

“With the busy holiday period now upon us, it’s unfortunate the Opposition is determined to stymie our plan to release more taxi plates so people can get home without waiting hours for a taxi following their summer festivities.”

Fact File

State Government taxi industry initiatives in 2011:
•$7.74million for Taxi Camera Surveillance Units (TCSU) for entire metropolitan taxi fleet (2000 vehicles)
•Release of 30 full-time plates and work underway to change regulations to create a ‘pool’ of 300 additional plates to be released to meet demand
•Work under way on legislation to implement a demerit point system to deal with inappropriate driver behaviour and strengthen entry requirements
•More than $250,000 for a permanent on-road compliance presence during peak periods
•$150,000 for mobile security patrols to detect and deter antisocial behaviour against taxi drivers
•Approval to develop driver identification cards and give compliance officers on-road hand-held electronic devices to determine driver identification in real time ... mId=146658 ... llery.aspx
Few photos of what the Taxi Security vehicles look like

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Re: Northbridge Taxi rank ready for Christmas period

Post by robbage » Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:19 pm

I wonder what authority the rank officers have been granted.
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