Transperth Security and Transit Officers

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Re: Transperth Security and Transit Officers

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Alpha, I can't help but notice since your original post, that Transperth Security is still wearing the same uniform after 13 years. Of course, PTA would have been the ones pushing for their uniform policy to change, so it was never likely to change anyway (probably the result of an SRA). When i talk to their staff they are never interested in applying to be Transit Officers, so i dont think the uniform has much effect on their mindset. Im unsure of any actual interactions you may have had with their staff, but operationally, Delta vehicles never attend Booragoon or Mirrabooka. I have been watching them for years as they seem to be very slowly progressing into a more professional group, as individuals come and go, i can actually say I've had a number of good interactions with Transperth Security Guards. They even help with looping on the train services now, not to mention I hear they also do the TransWA Trains. Can't say I know much about their training, never really asked but as they are Wilson Security, I highly doubt the company will be willing to pay for 3months of training to each officer. Contracts tend to be about butts-on-seats at the end of the day. Hope your time in WAPOL has been productive.
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Re: Transperth Security and Transit Officers

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It's interesting to note the longevity of Transperth Security's uniform and your observations about their progress over the years. Your insights into their operational changes and interactions with staff shed light on their evolving professionalism. It's encouraging to hear about positive experiences with them, and your perspective offers valuable insight into their role within the community.
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Re: Transperth Security and Transit Officers

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alphabravo not sure if you still alive, is 2024 now 15 years since you mentioned Transperth Security will soon wearing white shirt, but hey why is not happen still after 15 years?
You clearly have no idea.
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