CB Radio equipment suppliers, headsets for Motorola GP338xls

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Scorcher 11
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CB Radio equipment suppliers, headsets for Motorola GP338xls

Post by Scorcher 11 » Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:02 pm

Hi all. :)
This is my first post here so I appologise if it is in the wrong spot...
Im looking for a local, and also a reputable wholesale supplier, of headsets for Motorolla GP338xls. It has a 6 pin addaptor.
We are a crowd control opperation and the head sets get brocken regularly from mistreatment and also during fights and evictions etc.
Some weeks we need none other weeks we need lots. Depends on how the nights go.
We are looking at ordering wholesale but unsure who to get quality items from and the price per item seems to vary considerably between suppliers.
Also we need the local supplier for emergency supplies like this weekend where our stocks are depleated and we are about 10 short for tonight.
Any referals or suggestions will be welcomed.

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