Refresher courses

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Refresher courses

Post by PFO »

I have noticed on the medic one web page that their diploma course requires that refreshers be completed to maintain competencies. I agree with the concept but surely this is just another money making scheme. Nowhwere have i ever seen that a person with a tertiary qual needs to do such a thing . Degree, diploma, cert4 etc in any tertiary institute do not need to be redone after three years, but in saying that pre-hospital providers generally have to maintain skills through the company they work for via inhouse assessment and or continuous learning programs ie evidence so many hrs of learning per year.
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Re: Refresher courses

Post by Amb510 »

PFO: I totally agree, the MedicOne diploma is equivilant of getting your drivers license from a coco pop box anyone can get it. I think its about $10000-$11000 for the 12-18 month course and the fact you spend the mnost of that doing home study and about 8 weeks all up in a workplace/clinical/teaching enviroment being face to face with someone.

Inhouse refresher training is ample enough every 12 months along with some clinical education.

Was quite dissappointed that a Medic One Cert IV Graduate couldnt use an ambulance stretcher nor take a basic BSL.

Its a joke that they make you go back after what three years and charge you to requalify..go to university and get a degree you would be alot better off.

Medic One are just out to make money on there courses dont care about quality just quanity.
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Re: Refresher courses

Post by SJANT »

I agree. Don't like the concept that someone can just go up and get an ambulance qualification from off the street. I wonder if you can do the same thing for the fire service? With only a few weeks of hands on experience that just isn't enough to know what you are doing. It takes years. It's the same thing with people who do the uni courses, they come out and don't know what they are doing so they have to do graduate entry programs so they are mentored by experienced paramedics because they haven't really had too much hands on experience in the field. I'm glad I went through the old system where I spent pretty much all of my time on road learning the job. Even then it still took me just over a year or more of full time on road experience to have half an idea of what I am doing and why and probably another year to really understand. I'm still learning now.

I'm thinking/hearing that the ambulance industry may go the same way nursing has at the moment with continual professional development. E.g. those with a tertiary qualification don't need to do any professional development at the moment but will probably have to prove they have undertaken a certain amount each year to maintain skills and knowledge. Those in a number of services are required to do skills testing every year.
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Re: Refresher courses

Post by jimmy »

I think refresher courses are even more important then just completing the original qualification. Even the ARC recommends 12 monthly updates of CPR skills. CPR is an easier skill to master then something like cannulation. St John's paramedics who are getting large volumes of work are still required to do 12 monthly refresher courses. Professional education and upgrading of skills is essential in this field. For a mine to pay for its paramedics to go and do a refresher course is part of the mines duty of care to providing a safe working environment.
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