Choice of aerial - SCATXHI

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Choice of aerial - SCATXHI

Post by colin »

Hi all,

So I'm looking at getting an aerial for my car scanner. I'm mainly interested in DFES, so something that covers the 160MHz range is important.

As 160 is my main interest, I was advised that I could get a VHF high band antenna and trim it correctly. Mobileone have the SCATXHI

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or feedback with this aerial. I'm hoping to use a gutter mount, as I frequently travel at 110.

Thanks for reading,

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Re: Choice of aerial - SCATXHI

Post by vk6hgr »

I'd say it'd work just fine. It's a ground dependent antenna though so it would benefit from being mounted in the middle of the roof, taxi style, but obviously that's rarely practical :-)

I use 1/4 wave steel whip antennas mounted on the front wing and although they are noticeably directional (the bonnet providing a ground plane in one direction only), they work well enough. You'll have a similar effect with a gutter mounted antenna.
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Re: Choice of aerial - SCATXHI

Post by allycat »

I have the SCATXHI. Very happy with this antenna.Made a big difference to DFES scanning.Mobile One didn't have them in stock when i ordered.They had to make.Just takes a couple of days extra.

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