Be careful what you post

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Be careful what you post

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Anyone here who is a volunteer with a FESA Brigade, Group or Unit should be mindful posting in this forum. Things that you might see on the Volunteer Portal or hear from other people within FESA may be deemed as "commercial, in confidence". To prevent yourself from being "dragged over the coals" you must be very careful posting here. If you have any doubt please check with your Brigade, Group or Unit officer in charge.

(Case in point - volunteers taking photos at an incident at which they are deemed as operational are not permitted to post their photos here. FESA owns the Intellectual Property rights to the photos. There's an SOP explaining this.)

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Re: Be careful what you post

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Hi all,

The previous post is nearly four years old but it's just as relevant today as it was then.

Any forum members who also hold a position within the emergency services need to remember that posting operationally sensitive or confidential information is strongly discouraged. This site is publicly viewable and we just don't know who's reading what.

As volunteers in the emergency services you undoubtedly come across information that's sensitive and all the services will have privacy and confidentiality policies that you're expected to abide by. Some operational information could be a problem in the wrong hands, for example people who might get a thrill out of starting fires. We don't want to be doing or saying anything that might encourage that sort of behaviour.

Members, please be careful when posting and if you see anything that looks like it shouldn't be there, please flag it for a moderator or admin to review. If we think it's operationally sensitive and shouldn't be in the public domain, we'll take it down.

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