ICOM IC-400pro

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ICOM IC-400pro

Post by nra555 » Wed Nov 12, 2008 6:35 pm

Hello all, I decided to write my review of the IC-400pro.
At first sight, it looks fairly basic, the screen is a tad small, but it has a nice sized speaker loacted at the face of the unit.
The mic fits in your hand nicely, it has a solid feel about it unlike alot of the GME mics. the mic lead isnt too loose and floppy like th GMEs or too restricting like the Unidens and unlike the unidens the icom mic is nice and sensitive. The volume knob doesnt need to be turned down for the transiever to be powerd down, as it has a I/O button seperate.
It lacks a decent signal meter... 3 is a bit slack and the alpha-numeric display also lacks abit.
the radio is simple enough for a first time user to get their head around it, wich isnt always a good thing.
A feature i liked it the abillity to break the channels up into different banks, i found it saved sorting through 128 channels when you only wanted to change between 2 or 3.
I also like the other features the unit contains, such as 3 scan lists, selcall, ctcss, alpha tagging channels, 1/5/25watt output, commercial and rx only channels, then stun and kill functions have also proved handy.

This radio is a great set and i would recomend it to anyone looking for a well price UHF CB that is highly reliable. theres bits and pieces i would change, given the chance, like the freuncey coverage for rx only channels and the screen size. but i cant really complain.


ICOM IC-400pro

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