News: Emergency sirens a cause for driver confusion

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News: Emergency sirens a cause for driver confusion

Post by vk6hgr »

The flashing lights and wailing sirens of an ambulance, fire truck or police car racing to an emergency can cause panic for others on the road.

Many motorists seem unsure what to do, while others can be oblivious to the approaching emergency vehicle or even unaware it has right of way, authorities say. ... confusion/
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Re: News: Emergency sirens a cause for driver confusion

Post by yorky »

Part of a series this week on getting the message across on road rules I see.

The site is a good initiative, however I feel it will fall on deaf ears. Those bad drivers out there will never change no matter what you do. You can get away with an astounding amount of bad driving and if caught get a slap on the wrist.
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