Emergency control device.

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HL 101

Emergency control device.

Post by HL 101 »

Came across this video on YouTube and I believe that W.A. Police vehicle use this control device to activate there light and sirens. But this has me confused on how they operate the control device to activate there light and sirens.

So if anyone here can tell me what button activates the siren and the beacon and also if there a button for the side spot lights.

Much appreciated

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEfsGhZs ... re=related
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Re: Emergency control device.

Post by yorky »

From memory from the open days, the alert button activates the lights and siren and the clear button de-activates.

I *think* the left and right arrows activate the ally lights, and the forward arrow the front take downs. Then you have the usual wail/yelp button (are they hooked up to the horn on WA Police vehicles?), I'm assuming the manual button is either the pull over tone or like the American systems the siren comes on when you hold the button down for a quick burst.

Primary and Secondary change the lights, where programmed, into a secondary lower power (when parked) mode. Different light bars have different secondary modes ie (from what I've seen) the old Vector light bars was outer lights only, the new Excaliber(sp?) bars change between LED and beacons only I believe. No idea what secondary is on the old GD bars.
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Re: Emergency control device.

Post by xr8edute »

Amazing what you find while trying not to do work.

The high season LT that we have at the moment has this siren controller on it. I had not seen one anywhere before.

Not a helpfull post i am sure, but i just thought it was interesting....lol

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Re: Emergency control device.

Post by Nafenn »

I believe that controller is in the FCP at perth airport, from what i'm told - Alert activates the red and blues along with the siren, and changes the siren't tone... Primary activates the red and blues with no siren, and the wail/yelp activates the siren only. The other buttons are for other misc lights.
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Re: Emergency control device.

Post by WPXZBP »

The LT that was at a Brigade I served with had a similar style of controller.
If I remember rightly ALERT set the whole lot off, CLEAR turned them all off.
Mini-light bars only were PRIMARY, strobes/LEDs were SECONDARY. To get all the lights, including the headlights flashing you pushed Primary, secondary and the <, > & ^ buttons.
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Re: Emergency control device.

Post by kylep »

That sounds about right Wes. There were using these controllers around 2000-02 in FRS vehicles, but then started to replace them with the 3-button setup. One of the useful (fun) features was that you could record a message, and then play it back on a loop.
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Re: Emergency control device.

Post by nra555 »

I had a chance to play with these controllers when i did work experience with the police radio & electronics unit a few years ago.
your all right, Alert set everything off, and pressing it again changes the siren tone.
the arrows are the Alley and Take-down lights.

Primary is the Emergency lights, and depending on how its set up you can have the Secondary lights only is you press SEC.
that's awesome for when you are parked up and don't want a flat battery. but the old GDLB's wapol used to run only have the rotators
so they didn't use this. the New Excalibur bars have the LED's set up secondary and the LEDs + rotators set up as Primary.

the manual button is used for a momentary burst of the siren to get someone's attention.

you can also pre record a message and press play on the controller to play it back. as well as use the PA normally.

If you look on the Hazard website you can download the user manual for these controllers.

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