Amateur radio gear for sale

For sale, wanted to buy and swap

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Amateur radio gear for sale

Post by meg »

Hi all,

I haven't used my amateur gear for a fair while and need the room and the $$$ for more music equipment :)

* Yaesu VX-7R submersible 70cm/2m/6m (and RX across wiiiiiide range) with Pelican case, handheld mic and antenna - $200
* Arrow II Satellite antenna 2m/70cm handheld for working satellites and the ISS, with cables to connect to handheld - $SOLD
* Terlin/Outbacker Outreach multi-tap mobile whip for 80m/40m/30m/20m/17m/15m/12m/10m/6m - $SOLD
* Kenwood AT-200 antenna tunes 160-10m - $SOLD
* Yaesu FT-221 2m all mode (AM/FM/SSB/CW) classic vintage transciever - $SOLD

PM me here or email

There may be more as my cleanout continues!


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