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is it just me or dose my radio have a compressor in it 8).
i mentioned before in another post, but is it common to have a 27mhz radio making your voice sound compressed, simular to the way you hear the 6DS Operators voice, professional sounding.

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Re: 27 MHz

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Night_Ryder wrote:Do many people still use 27MHz CB these days? I used to burn on the old box all the time when I lived in the tropics and still have a few good sets but people a saying that its becoming less and less popular in Australia? Does anyone have anything to say?
I'm still a current user of 27 megz HF. There are a few CB clubs still hovering around on the air ways of 27 megz but i enjoy getting on there because its proper convo and everyone uses call signs etc.. no idiots, squashers, abusers etc.. like on UHF. There are a few very wise people on there who can answer any questions your have about the internals of a radio.

When the skip comes in its also great fun :) The skip will get a bit better in the next few years since we will be climbing back up the 11 year cycle towards the peak where skip will be at its best. 8)

Proberly once the skip returns in big clusters like it used to be in, more people will dust off their sets and get up on the airways of HF again. :!:
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Schematic diagram Marko CB 88

Post by adi13mzb »

:( Hi,
I have a problem with my Marko CB-88 CB Radio. I want to repair it, but I haven't the schematic diagram. If you have it, please answer it.
I'm very glad to joined this forum.

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problem with 27mhz and why not many ppl use it any more, Antenna's too big, Radio's are too big, too much rf noise in city, static noise gets on ppls nerves.

But by far HF is alot more fun to operate, ur not limited to distance. Up here in the pilbara its beautiful, nice a quiet. not to much activity on cb but ham bands r great.

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Gee I thought 27Mhz was HF !!

There is a ham band just 1Mhz above (on 28)and another Just
6Mhz below (on 21).

Have fun

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HF is 3mhz - 30mhz

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Re: 27 MHz

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Reviving an old thread here...

I spent a few minutes listening to the 27 MHz CB channels this afternoon, and I can confirm that there is still a little bit of life out there. I regularly check the frequencies, and usually I can only just hear the modulation. But today I caught a good conversation starting on channel 35, before the operators switched to channel 33, using SSB.

Being more familiar with UHF CB, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of people on 27 MHz CB. I didn't spot a single swear word during the entire conversation. And I'm yet to see anyone on UHF CB use the calling channel for its intended purpose.

If I caught enough details to track down these gentlemen, then I would have sent them a letter or an email, expressing my appreciation.
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Re: 27 MHz

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I don't monitor CB at all any more (27MHz or UHF) but anecdotally I think all the dropkicks are on UHF nowadays and 27 megs is fairly civilised again :)
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