Programming UHF CB 80 Channels

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Programming UHF CB 80 Channels

Post by Obiwan »

I have two tait t2000 (2020 & 2040), and am going o programm the with the new 80ch frequencies ( with the exception of 61, 62 and 63). What I am trying to workout do i set the radio for narrow or wideband.

I remember reading that the old 40's were wide, but the new 80's are narrow. If I set to the new narrow will I be able to talk to the old 40's or should I set the lower 40's (1 to 40) as wide and the top 40 (41 to 80) as narrow

Help please
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Re: Programming UHF CB 80 Channels

Post by nra555 »

you can program them to narrow and it will work but it will just sound compressed and crappy. i would set 1-40 for wideband and 41-80 narrowband
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