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Re: License Plates

Post by Steve »

The 'ST' in the '1STx' series stands for stock transport.

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Re: License Plates

Post by Toottoot »

Just in case you cant make it out from the sheep.

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Re: License Plates

Post by Turbo »

Whilst we are talking about number plates...

Found out recently that you are no longer allowed to get personalised number plates that refer to a make or model of a car.

Example: SIKHOLDEN, 01FORD etc

Apparently it is an trademark infringement or something?

And it covers a pretty broad range. A mate of mine has a Honda Civic. Apparently the model is an EK4. He applied for the plates "EK 4" and got denied for the above reason.

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Re: License Plates

Post by stevesperformance »

i have EFI LIVE on mine car

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Re: License Plates

Post by nachoman »

Noticed a 1Exx-xxx numberplate today, have these been available for very long ?

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Re: License Plates

Post by yorky »

At least a month, neighbour has had 1EABxxx for a couple of weeks.
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Re: License Plates

Post by TookaChinchilla »

Anyone know anything about the CC plates? (WA Consular Corps) Im thinking they belong to diplomats etc? Is this to give police a heads up so they dont pull them over?

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Re: License Plates

Post by TLD11 »

Saw a new WA plate today, on a grain trailer - SL. xxxx with seasonal written underneath it. I'm assuming it's for equipment that is only used occasionly to save on rego costs. Didn't know that this was available.

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