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Dude the more you deny it, the more you're making it look like you are, just leave it be, I'm sure you will find most people don't really care :P

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yeh, to be honest i almost believe you!

Its more about the comedy now.

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Hey guys,

Im Daz, currenlty a Police Officer in Canberra with the AFP however I lived in Perth all my life until February this year.

Got into scanning like everyone else, wanted to know what was going on around the place. Dont listen that much anymore because I get paid to listen now.

Was in the SES in WA for 5 years and I am about to join the BFB here in the ACT.

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Hi I am Ambul8

I now work in the mining and resources sector as a Paramedic where I fix broken people. Also pretty good at putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff.

When I was 11, I joined as a cadet bushy. Been listening to radios ever since.

Dont have a scanner now. Need 1 but. Sold my last one in a fit of rage at the poor coverage in the suburb I was thence living in. Now I have moved.
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might rekindle this and put in my 2 bobs worth

gday im brenton,

havent got a scanner but am really interested in all the emergency services and how it all works. love listening to the fesa online scanner when i can. um hope to be a career firie one day or a pilot. join baldivis bushies soon i hope and yeh thats bout it.

have a good one everyone

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Hi everyone. Geoff here, 30 something :D

Firstly I’d like to congratulate the Admin’s who obviously put a lot of hard work into keeping the site up and running. Well done guys

I started out years ago with UHF and 27 MHz CB’s, partly for work and partly for fun. I still run the UHF, but gave the 27 MHz away after the conversations left little to be desired. I didn’t get into scanning until about 6 years ago after purchasing my first scanner on eBay, an old Netset PRO- 46.
I originally brought the scanner for safety reasons as we live in the hills and I thought it would be handy during the fire season, and it was.
I soon discovered as a night shift worker that it helped to while away the hours in the morning.
I only run two sets, the old PRO- 46 and an equally old, but good Realistic PRO-2036 base set.

I’ve noticed a lot of chatter about the police frequencies, and that they will soon be unavailable. I just hope this doesn’t discourage people from this hobby as there are a lot of other frequencies out there.

Again, thanks for a great site guys.


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Tinman wrote:Firstly I’d like to congratulate the Admin’s who obviously put a lot of hard work into keeping the site up and running. Well done guys
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Welcome to the Mad-House!

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lol welcum tinman
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Hi and welcome Tinman

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Post by Mikka »

Gday everyone.

Firstly would just like to say what a great site you have got going here. I have found it quite enjoyable so far.

Anyway, a little bit about me. I recently moved here from sunny ol' QLD. Presently living near Cannington and it aint' too bad so far!

Look forward to talking to you all.


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Post by yorky »

Welcome to the southside there Mikka :)

As always here watch out for some of us that 'forget' to act like civil people :lol:
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Welcome Michael.

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Hey everyone, My names grif, I'm down south west Aus, thanks for the site with all the great info, and I really need a little pm help from anyone living in or near albany western australia some freq's would really be appreciated. ASAP
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