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Post by madmikey »

HI, I'm Michael... although more comonly know as Mikey... depends what i'm doing as to how old I am but offically 28 as of last month.

First got into scanning after doing work experience for BAE Systems(British Aerospace) on a mine site in Tom Price. Then got my first scanner back in 1999 a radioshack pro71 100ch that now serves my online feed. Also have a uniden ???? not sure of the model, it's in the car and can't be bothered getting it, but it's 100 channel very similar to radio shack.

Since then I have been in Armadale West BFB (now closed) and Tom Price VFRS and now work as the electronic security manager / technician for a security company and do crowd control (bouncer) on the weekends 8) LOL

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Hi im Anthony im 27, im married with two kids i first got into scanning when i got my first scanner in 98 when i bought a radioshack something or other it went everywhere with me and i got my whole family hooked :P i since passe on that to my mum and she listens to it more that i ever did, now i got a uniden. Im in the kalamunda SES, and i currently work for Coles Myer distribution center, ( who are currently looking for xmas casuals if anyone wants good money can get up to $1000 + pw, pm me and i will pass u the details)

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Post by Bundy »


My names Gavin, im 34 and I work for Swan Transit as a Bus Driver.

During my late teens Id always wanted a scanner so I could find out what was going on whenever I heard sirens.

I joined Melville SES in 1991 and not too long after that I joined Jandakot BFB I believe Im what you call a serial volunteer ;-)

Like the others I find it handy having a scanner so I can hear fire calls in my area. On ocaisons when im not on pager and theres a fire in our area I can call up and offer my services for mop up or whatever is needed.

My first scanner was a 100 ch uniden which I foolishly left in my car one weekend and some little mongrels broke in and stole it :-(

I bought a uniden PC-122xl SSB CB radio a few years ago and always enjoyed it when the skip was running, since I bought my house in Thornlie (6 years ago) I havent set it up.
I also bought a motorola Syntrx converted to CB from ebay a while ago, I occaisonaly use that if theres someone intelligent on air to chat to.

If I could pull my thumb out Id love to obtain my Ham license but im too disorganised to do it :-(



Btw Bundy is the call sign i used to use when I was on AM for those of you who may wonder how it came about :-)

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Post by FlashPoint »

Hey Im Simon 19yrs of old and workin as a network engineer.

I got interested in radios in general through some friends, and being a member of the fire services (Roleystone VFS).
I currently own a Tait 2020 and a Uniden UBC92XLT and currently deciding what model of CB too get :D

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Post by Lino »

Hello my name is Lino I am 39 years old and have been in the Scanning Hobby for 28 years and most off the time I monitor the Airbands and other intresting staff sometimes and this is the Equipment I use in my 2 Radio Shacks.My ICOM-R9000 is actually sold to a friend off mine and he should be pickin it up within the next few days as I was hoping he will pick it up later so I can do a comperision to the new ICOM-R9500.






Regards Lino.
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thers almost 500 ppl registered on here and only like 20 introduced em selves :shock:

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My names Marc, i'm 19 and from Guildford. During the day I'm a student studying Computer Science and Cyber Forensics at Murdoch University, and during the night i'm a night filler at Woolworths.

My scanner is a UBCT8. I'm currently in the process of training as a St John volunteer first aider.

Look forward to getting to know everyone!

Edit: Updating with new info..
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Post by imacop »

Hi I'm late... I mean Matt from Maylands. I'm a public servant for WAPOL in HR, so don't get to see anything cool. I don't have a scanner, but occasionaly listen to the WAPOL web stream. Thanks HEKTIK! ?

I mate of mine gave me a link to WARSUG late last year and I've been hooked ever since. A great place to keep up to date with WAPOL news, which is my main interest.

And its good to find people that actually respect police officers.

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Post by Tyranus »

Well this hasn't been used for a while...meh you get that.

I'm Doug, and I've had an interest in radios since I was little, Dad was a Signaller in the Rhodesian Army. I was hoping to join army, then 109, as a Radio Operator, but at the moment that's not happening. In my last ADF interview, it was suggested I join a volunteer organisation, so I joined Stirling SES, (November 2005) aged 18. After a while, one of my good mates who I met at SES who has also been at Wanneroo BFB for 5 or 6 years, indirectly influenced me to join the firies (all the stories and lights and sirens), I decided that because I live in Helena Valley I should join something more local. I've always had scanning and cb's in the back of my mind however when my influential friend and another friend and I went for a drive and they could chat on CB, I decided that it was time for me to get one. So my cb is a GME TX 3400. In November last year, Darlington was having it's little festival so I took the opportunity to join the brigade then. The day after I signed the dotted line, I was on my recruit course! :P For my 20th birthday (1st of this month) I got a 92XLT scanner and external aerial. So if you see a little 3 door Hyundai getz with 2 magnetic base aerials at the back plus a windscreen mobile aerial, and a SES sticker on the back...that's me. :) I got my scanner mostly to listen what is going on with any fires while I'm not there, but also to find out what Osborne Park is doing Lights and Sirens for. I work in Balcatta as an assistant network administrator for a marine surveying company.

Well I think that's about it...Oh and I listen to Metal :P lol, and don't talk footy to me, I don't get it...but I do play hockey :D
Stirling SES
Team Leader (Stirling 53)
Vertical Rescue Team Member
K9 7 Support

ex-Darlington FB
WARSUG Demi-God I mean Mod
If stupidity got me into this mess, why can't it get me out.

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Post by flutterby »

Hi, my names leonie,
got into scanning about 8 years ago. I just like listening to the interesting things that go on & it whiles away the hours when i am on my own

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Post by Rockjet »

Hey, my names Rob (rockjet) live in Geraldton, we listen to the local cops 24/7 and just about on first name terms with them all (kidding). All the police talk here is very informal and sometimes funny, they really have a sense of humour. We dont really listen to much else only got a 10 channel uniden. Will have to upgrade soon. Used to live in Perth for those that may remember me as Coyote on AM SSB & UHF in the northern suburbs. Go the eagles

Regards Rob in sunny Gero 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

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Post by dave »


My name is David, I am now working for RAC. I got into scanning when I was looking through the Dick Smith catalogues. There was one in there for $100, so I had to get. I found out about this site a few years later, when I moved to perth from Geraldton. I was not sure of frequencies in Perth so I searched the internet and eventually came across this website. :D :D


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Hi my name is Matt

23yrs old (gosh i feel old) work for the government. You can usually see me riding around in an unmarked station wagon / car / 4wd

As someone said today: Were the heart and soles, we only have the balls for what we do

Not really into scannign though into the emergency services side and hense the reason why i finanlly signed up. catch up with day to day goss

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Post by MrBungle »

My name is Simon and I'm 32.

Currently between jobs... actually it's been a while now, been enjoying my freedom a little too much!.
I've built a few simple own-design shortwave receivers over the years(glorified crystal sets), just for fun, and picked up stations from as far as Gottenburg Sweden(maybe they're relayed from somewhere closer?) Got tired of what I thought was frequency drift, figured I must've been doing something wrong and gave up. My Scanner does the same thing! I then heard about atmospherics.

Was never really all that interested in scanners, untill I scored a Yupiteru MVT-8000(see pic) desktop scanner for $8aus at an Amsterdam flea-market.
Seems to be a pretty rare set judging from the lack of info on the net.
Maybe they're just considered so boring no one has anything to say about them? Dunno... does me fine tho.
I pretty quickly found the police channels, listened mostly to Rocko ch.16 untill I decided I probably should work out how to program this thing and get it scanning, after all, it IS a scanner.
Most of the time tho I use it to listen to Triple-J!!

A couple of years ago I repaired a Uniden Bearcat(a UBC220? something of that vintage anyway) for a friends mum(might be a member?), it was handed to me sans-antenna, probably deliberatelly so I'd hand it back promptly!, so the bug never bit back then.
I was surprised to find it had gaps in its range, I couldn't understand why this would be, but not knowing anything about scanners I figured it must be normal.
I was again surprised when my Yupi had a gapless range from 100kHz to 1.3GHz. Cool.

Found this site while searching for a User Manual for my scanner. The threads for the police channels and their move to digital hooked me in.

Hobbies: Electronics, Alt. Energy, Homebrewing, Workshop(Mill + Lathe), Model engineering, CAD, Music(hence nickmname), SciFi - mostly the comedy variety (Douglas Adams' books/radio, Red Dwarf, Star Trek(GEEK!) etc), Radio controlled planes/boats -- too many hobbies!

blah blah blah


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I am not Luke, though everybody thinks so... except perhaps one member

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