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Introduce yourself!

Post by Admin »

Hi all.

There have been a lot of new members join the board in the last few days, so let me be the first to say - Welcome!

How about we "break the ice" and tell everyone a little bit about ourselves and how we got into radio scanning?
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Post by jmmw »

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Post by vk6hgr »

My first scanner was a 10-channel Uniden BC-60XLT bought from Dick Smith just after they were released. Cost me a week's wage (was a weekend burger flipper at the time!). Was a little disappointed that it couldn't search - so I had to pick frequencies for it from books and what was available online at the time.

I bumped into a friendly bunch of people on IRC, including forum co-moderator Zebedee. A little while later I bought a UBC-3000XLT which has all the fruit and practically DC to daylight coverage.

Also had a big interest in CB radio, and bought myself a Uniden UH-055 handheld (again, at astonishing cost). Was absolutely fascinated not just by receiving signals on air but transmitting them as well. I set up a few antennas on the roof of the parent's house and tried to get into the Ch7 UHF CB callback every Tuesday... Not always succesfully over the distance. I still remember accessing the Ch2 Bunbury repeater with that handheld whilst *indoors* and chatting to many interesting people simplex and via country repeaters during ducting.

The longest distance I ever spoke on UHF CB was from my house to the Nannup channel 3 repeater. The interest in long distance got me into another communications hobby - Amateur radio.

After studying a while and getting my "ticket" I delved into the new world of Amateur radio. My first rig was a Yaesu VX-5R handheld, which I prompty lost :-(

The radio bug really bit since then and I've bought, sold and swapped many different new and used, commercial and dedicated amateur radios, antennas... you name it - learning all the way.

When I'm not keeping the WARSUG forum working I'm a Computer Systems Administrator for a state governement entitiy.

Edit: 27 years old :wink:
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Post by TheDoc »

Hey Im Nathan 26yrs of age and workin in the security industry.

Got into radio scanning thru a friend of mine :smt026

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Post by Zebedee »

Ah what a good idea, an introductions thread.

I'm Doug (hopefully you all worked that out from my signature block by now :) ), aged 33, and I've been into scanning for about ten or so years since I had a tinker with one that a friend bought.

The first one of my own was the Uniden UBC-3000 which as Gavin said above, covers almost everything you'd need for most types of scanning activities.

I've also been into CB on and off and one of these days I'll pull my finger out and get my amateur licence.

I work as a jack-of-all-trades IT person for a large charitable organisation.
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Post by Brett »

Hey guys, I'm Brett. Just left my job as the afternoon announcer on 97.3 Coast FM today and having a month off. After that I'm off to cairns to commence training as an Aerial Observer for Surveillance Australia who does all the coastal surveillance for Customs Coast Watch.

I scored a 40 CH UHF 2 way with police scanner and just listen in for the hell of it.

One more month and I'm off!


Post by Millsy »

G'day, I'm Rikky.

16 years old. I'm a sound lighting tech / DJ. I First got into radio's with work. Using a 40 chan at a gig. From there i've progressed to having up to 4 cliped onto my belt ( Crabfest). I Bought my first Bearcat Scanner a year ago, and was so interested in what happens on there and then what the media reports, i upgraded about 7 months ago.


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Post by Donga »

Hi all I am Daniel and I am a alcoholic (jokes).

I am 26 years old. I first got into scanning as a child my mum had a 100 channel scanner and I use to love listening to it as a child. My first scanner I owned was brought for me as a birthday present a few years ago it was a uniden 60xlt after dropping it and it stopped working my girlfriend brought me the Uniden 72xlt which I now only listen to occasionally.

Apart from scanning I am a mad eagles supporter and one hope to be at the MCG next year when the Eagles play in the Grandfianl again and take the flag.

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Post by Chicky »

Howdy all... Cindy here (age over 30 :lol: ). I first got into scanning thanks to my neighbour who bought his over about 2 years ago during a night of quiet drinks at our place. I was gobsmacked at the amount of despatches that were around our area. I then borrowed his scanner whilst studying my nursing degree and had it in the background during the wee hours of the morning while cramming :lol: So once I finished my degree, I celebrated by buying my own Uniden Bearcat 92XLT which now sits proudly next to the comp - and as they say the rest is history! 8)
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Post by JG-103 »

Im James, im 18, i got to curtin university where i study Mining Geology. Im a volunteer bush fire fighter in my spare time and bought my only scanner UBC 57xlt about a year ago to listen for any potenial call outs, in the quiet season i like listening to the police.
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Post by chrissss »

hey all

im chris im a bush fire volunteer and when a couple of luitenants in our brigade had scanners i thought it might be cool to have 1 to listen for any potential call outs not knowing about the police on ther really i have a uniden 57xlt real good except only has batterys
in the winter and all the time i now listen to police so its pretty good
im 17 years old and a mechanical fitter apprentice at a large industrial organisation. i am quite surprised abotu the ages of people on here especially the mods i thought most of em would be older for some reason.

anywho thats me


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Post by meg »

I'm Meg and I'm another 30-something and also a volunteer bushfire fighter (there seems to be a few of us on here). I work in state govt currently as a team leader in IT infrastructure.

I got into radios via the bushfire brigade and now have a Uniden 61XLT which I usually take into work with me during summer, and a way old Realistic Pro 2024 which sits next to my computer year-round.

I'm mainly just interested in getting forewarning and updates on fires in my area though the bug has bitten and I'm considering getting licensed and a transmitting rig :)

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Post by westernwedgey »

Hi, I got into CB first and back then if you tweeked your FM radio you could get WAPOL, SJA & FESA on your radio. Then scanners came out and have pretty much had one most of the time since. I'm 42 (according to my birth cert) and currently a Team Leader for a national grounds management company.


Post by WPXZBP »

Wes (Now with 300 posts)

Work for "the man" in country W.A. and have been doing so since 1999.

36 (37 in a month), divorced (let's not go there), been a licenced amateur since the late 80s.

Started listening to SW on Dad's old FRG-7, met some classmates at school who were interested in radio (who then became amateurs). Dad then bought an FRG-965 (Hong Kong version of the FRG-9600) which I had fun using.

Purchased a TS-50 and used that when I moved out of home.

When Dad passed away I inherited the FRG-965 and upgraded to a VX-1R and a FT-100. Currently I own a VR-500 (based at Mum's in Perth), 2 x Tait 2020s (one in my car and the other in my light tanker), VX-5R (replacing the VX-1R), the FT-100 and a 2m version of an FM-92.

Was previously secretary/treasurer of my local VF&RS brigade, and for the local zone of our representative body. Since then I have moved down south. I still run the websitefor the WA Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Association. Am now the secretary for my Brigade and for my local Zone.

Fave areas of listening include FRS (duh!), WAPOL and LW beacons.

Oh... and I drive a Holden... an SV6. :D
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Post by doogues71 »

Hi i'm Andrew.I'm 34 turning 35 on the 21 of this month.Got into scanning after a friend i meet at tafe brought one into class back in 94.And i've been hooked ever since.Didn't buy my first scanner until 2000(simply couldn't afford it) it's an old UBC220XLT.But it's done me well.Have since upgraded to a UBCT8 homebase scanner,UBCD396T apco25 digital scanner and a SC230 NASCAR car racing scanner imported from the US.Great for the V8's when they come to Perth.or the CHAMPCARS if I ever go to QLD :D.

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