Scanner Purchase in Perth

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Main use is for photography as I do a lot of aircraft, marine and rail photography so nice to know what is coming.

Scanner Purchase in Perth

Post by Bermejo »

Have been on Google, have had a look through previous posts here.......

Is there anywhere in Perth that you can buy maybe a Uniden 436 or SDS100 over the counter.

I am leaning towards the 436 rather than the SDS100.

Needs to cover AirBand, Marine, Rail in Australia and NZ and will be used in parts of Asia as well.
Rail would be the heavy haulage operators like Rio, FMG, ARG, KiwiRail.

I found Prestage in Perth and thought they had a shop but since 2019 they have only done online drop orders direct from Uniden it turns out.

Everyone else on Google appears to be online ordering interstate.

I don't live in Perth, come to Perth on Business, only have a Post Box, move between remote towns as part of my job.

Would rather buy over the counter in Perth rather than have it sit at a Post Box in Perth for weeks.

Not adverse to buying a used one if someone has a 436 for sale or the SDS100, I am not locked into these two models, would consider other Unidens as long as they are digital compatible such as the 436.

Thanks all
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Re: Scanner Purchase in Perth

Post by vk6hgr »

Prestige would have been my go-to as well, didn't know they've gone to online only.

No other retailers I know of in Perth, unfortunately.
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