Alinco DJ-X11E programming failure

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Alinco DJ-X11E programming failure

Post by AustDaveWA » Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:23 pm

Hope some one can help with this. (Alinco couldn't help)

What I have done is using the DJ-X11 Clone Utility v2.03, I entered one frequency into the program, then exported it to a CSV file. I then opened the CSV file in Excel 2010, entered in the remaining frequencies, SJA, Perth Transit, FESA, Garden Island Navy Frequencies and a couple of other hundred. Saved this file via Excel as a CSV file and then imported it back into the DJ-X11 Clone Utility program. When I saved this under the native file format, it deleted all entries after channel 21, even with out saving the file and trying to load it into the DJ-X11, it deleted all entries after channel 21.

Has any one had this happen to them

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