Dual Band UHF For in Car Use

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Dual Band UHF For in Car Use

Post by MechaMatt »

Hey everyone, long time reader but first time poster here :)

I'm due for a new 80ch UHF CB radio for the 4wd. I'm hoping someone might know of a type approved dual band VHF Scanner and UHF CB unit?

I currently have a handheld uniden scanner but it's a pain when I get called out to a fire and have to try and listen to a handheld while driving to the station. Would prefer the one unit that can do both functions but all my searches have come up empty.


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Re: Dual Band UHF For in Car Use

Post by yorky »

I think it will be a stretch to find a product that does that. All the UHF CB's I've seen only have hardware to receive extra stuff in 450-500Mhz'ish. While two in one single vehicle units do exist they are not type approved for CB and you'll need a license to own etc etc.

I feel your pain having a separate device, solution I can think of is a cheapy dedicated scanner in the car connected to an external antenna. Either way you generally need two antenna's one for the UHF side and one for VHF when operating both at the same time.
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