How to program VHF frequencies on the BF-888S

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How to program VHF frequencies on the BF-888S

Post by Joshek » Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:33 pm

Here's how to program a VHF frequency or a frequency outside of the 400-470 MHz normal range.
Note: Frequency limits will probably be the same as other Baofeng's. So keep the frequencies between 136-174 and 400-520 MHz.

1. Download from radio with the BF-888S drivers.
2. Put any UHF frequency in the channel slot you want to put the VHF frequency in and put in the settings you want.
3. Open the browser tab from the side bar and go to root, memory[16] and then to memory[16][whatever MR channel you want to modify]
4. Select the rxfreq Dec box and clear the input.
5. Input the frequency, for example, 161.2875 would become 16128750.
6. Go back to the Memories tab and upload to radio.

Now you can download from radio to confirm it's programmed in right. You'll need a different antenna rather than the Rubber Ducky as it's limited to 400-480 MHz.
I haven't tried transmitting on VHF but receiving works fine.
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